Mitglied im Fokus

GYF, das heißt: 50 vielversprechende Wissenschaftler/innen, 4 Arbeitsgruppen und der Wille, gemeinsam an interdisziplinären Themen zu arbeiten. In regelmäßigen Abständen stellen wir ein Mitglied besonders vor.

Unser aktuelles Mitglied im Fokus:

Dr. Anco Peeters

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Philosophy of Language and Cognition
Institut für Philosophie II
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
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Ich kenne mich aus mit…
... I am familiar with philosophical approaches to mind and technology. That is why I studied both philosophy and artificial intelligence, obtaining degrees in both. It is a given that our world is highly technological, but perhaps less visible is that these technologies increasingly move to the background of our daily activities. Machine learning algorithms that work on biased data, bodily implementations that keep our bodies working, and surveillance in public spaces and online, all of these have an impact on our lives. My hope is to draw attention to and reflect on these developments through my work.

Der schönste Moment in meiner bisherigen Zeit als Wissenschaftler/in war…
… The best moment of my time as a scientist was when I heard that I received a competitive research scholarship to do a PhD in Australia! It had been my dream to pursue a doctoral degree abroad and was stoked to be presented with the possibility to do so in a vibrant philosophical community Down Under.

Mein Herzensprojekt ist...
... My heart’s project is to gain a better understanding of how our minds work and how we engage in technology interaction. My suspicion is that both co-constitute each other and we cannot understand one without the other. This is why I delve deeply into mind, technology interaction, and the relation between mind and technology from an embodied cognition perspective. This means that I take the role of our bodies when we interact with the world seriously, putting it centre stage when I develop my work.

An der Global Young Faculty gefällt mir besonders…
... What I particularly like about the Global Young Faculty is the opportunity to collaborate with passionate young researchers from other disciplines, widening the scope of my own research goggles. I find it highly refreshing to discuss work with people who are at a similar career stage, with them not necessarily being burdened by preconceived views on complex topics.

Das Ruhrgebiet…
… The Ruhr region is beautiful and energetic, perfect for both leisure activities such as hiking and cycling, as well as expanding my personal research network across the many academic institutions that it houses. It is also close to my native Netherlands.

Energie tanke ich…
... I recharge my batteries by playing board and video games with my family and friends. It helps me keep a young mind and is a good way to spend time with those I care about.

Für die Wissenschaft in Deutschland wünsche ich mir…
... For science in Germany, I wish for us to take a global lead in moving towards an inclusive appreciation of what counts as academic ‘output’ and away from the current competitive, result-oriented perspective.

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