Symposium Media Neuroscience


Media Neuroscience - research at the intersection of communication studies, media studies and neuroscience

Date: 3.3.2017
Location: Gerhard-Mercator-Haus at University of Duisburg-Essen
Admission is free
Registration is required (open until February 17th)

Are Facebook Likes socially rewarding? How does our brain react to movies? Can we use games as an environment to study affection or aggression? Do mirror neurons also react when we observe human-like movements by robots...? With our symposium, we will uncover similarities regarding the methods and research questions between Communication Studies, Media Studies and Neuroscience. In addition, the advantages are highlighted of bringing scholars of these disciplines together. We will explore current topics in the emerging interdisciplinary field of Media Neuroscience and discuss an agenda for future research. For this purpose, we will present and discuss cutting edge research findings.

This symposium is organized by the working group “The Digital Society: Brains, Big Data and Business” of the Global Young Faculty. The working group conducted different projects all concerned with how digitalization shapes the individual, our interaction with others and our societal living. Within this symposium we bring together leading experts in the field of Media Neuroscience and young researchers to further discuss how digitalization influences us in the light of Media Neuroscience research.


Social media and the brain: Links between neuroscience and online social network use
Dr. Dar Meshi
Freie Universität Berlin

Your Brain on Facebook - How “Likes” Function as Social Rewards and Determine Social Comparisons
Dr. Astrid Rosenthal-von der Pütten
University of Duisburg-Essen

Old desires, new media: The causes and consequences of using social media
Prof. Dr. Diana Tamir
Princeton University

Bridging Media Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience - Conceptual Issues and Current Research Examples
Prof. Dr. René Weber
University of California Santa Barbara

The complete program can be found here.

Young Researcher Poster Session
You are an undergraduate or graduate student or a PhD candidate and your research topic is either related to Communication Studies, (Social) Media Studies or Neuroscience? You are interested in discussing your work with experienced scholars in the emerging field of Media Studies and Neuroscience? Take part in the young researcher poster session! Submit a short abstract (500 words) covering your research by February 15th 2017 and present your poster at the symposium! Notifications of acceptance will be send out on February 17th (number of accepted papers are dependent of the number of applications and available space).  Please submit your abstract per mail:

In case of acceptance, you may use our Powerpoint template (Download) to design your poster and submit the poster no later than 27th of February. The poster will be printed by us and will be on display during the symposium.

Important dates:
Abstract Submission deadline: February 15th
Notification of acceptance: February 17th
Poster (PP) Submission Deadline: February 27th


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