Dr. Ahmet Aker


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter /

Lehrstuhl für Informationssysteme
Abteilung Informatik und Angewandte Kognitionswissenschaft
Fakultät für Ingenieurswissenschaften
Universität Duisburg-Essen

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Kurzer Lebenslauf (wichtigste Stationen)

since 10/2016
Working since 10/16 at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

2007 - 2016
Worked for around 9 years at the University of Sheffield (UK)

2007 - 2014
PhD in Natural Language Processing. Focusing on Multi-Document Summarization applied for Image Captioning

2005 - 2006
Masters in Engineering: University of Sheffield, UK
Main focus was Software Engineering.  Obtained the best Master Award for this studies.

Member of Studien Stiftung des deutschen Volkes.

2000 - 2005
Diplom: Technical University of Dortmund (2000-2005), Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (minor).

Worked as Software Developer at GBTec (Bochum, Germany). Main responsibilites: Writing Java Code for Business Process Management

Forschungsgebiet / Arbeitsgebiet
  • Multi-lingual argument mining and argument retrieval. Currently I am mainly working on these two topics. I would like to establish my own working group around these two topics. Apart from investigating novel methods and techniques addressing challenges in these areas I also would like to investigate their applications in recent hot topics such as fake news detection and rumour verification.

  • automatic summarisation: generating image captions, multi-lingual summarisation, summarisation evaluation, social media summarisation

  • Classification of misinformation (rumour stance classification and rumour verification), fake news detection

  • Term extraction
  • Short text clustering and cluster labeling

  • information extraction

  • statistical machine translation: comparable data acquisition from the web, term alignment and automatic POS tag projection